How Do I Get Clients Lined Up Outside My Door

Most business owners believe that if they’ve got the greatest whatever it is they do, then clients will just naturally run to them. That Clients will line up to get what they want.

Not so. Here’s the secret.

How Do I Get Client Lined Up Outside My Door

I’d like for you to imagine for a minute that you have a restaurant and the best cook in the world. When you start off no one knows that. ¬†How do you get people into the restaurant?

It starts with a sign. I drove around my home town looking for a restaurant, and what did I find, store after store that had signs like, “Coopers”, “Jim’s”. I was actually wanting a restaurant, but they were making it had for me to find what I wanted, a restaurant. I could have stopped and walked up to each to see if it was a restaurant but frankly I wanted a down home restaurant like I remember but only had about 45 minutes to find one, eat, and get to my next appointment.

Well, finally I found a few that had restaurant on the sign, but now I have 3 possibilities. So next I want to know which restaurant is the best choice, which has the down home food, and none of the signs tell me, so I flipped a coin and headed into one.

What do you have out there to attract customers? Do you block them with a company name like “Jim’s” or even “Jim’s Coaching”, could be a football coach for all I know.

Do you know what your ideal client is looking for? Do you show that in your marketing? I’d rather know what kind of results that person I’m hiring has typically gotten. I don’t want to hear “I am a_______”.

But after showing your prospect what kind of results you typically get for a client, then show him the value. Do you deliver so-so results, or average, or wow them out of their minds results?

That’s what I want. If you wow them, and can show them that wow result in all of you marketing, they will line up to get what you do.


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