The Secret to Marketing that Gets 100’s of Times More Replies

It amazes me that few companies, even those that claim to be “Marketing Companies” have no idea how many people WILL reply to every marketing campaign. So once you know how many you should be getting, the result is frequently 100’s of times more than you were getting.

Let’s start by asking you how many people do respond every time you do any form of marketing? That includes your website, direct mail, emails? And how many should respond when you do a workshop, webinar, class, etc.

And do you know of a way to quickly raise that number by many, many times more?

It surprises me that most of my ¬†initial customers don’t know the answers to those questions, but once we do get that measurement of where they are now, it is frequently about 1 out of a 1,000. My goal for my customers is to teach them how to reach 10% or higher. So if they started at 1/1000 = 0.1%, then 10% is 100 times more. And the other thing you will discover is that the responses at 10% are people that will almost beg you to help them, while the 0.1% responses are barely interested.

So what is the difference?

The average marketing talks about themselves, their products or services, their experience (time doing what they do), naming what they do. But this isn’t what your customers really want to know, and that is why you don’t get a BIG response.

What they REALLY WANT TO KNOW is the RESULT they will get from hiring you, or buying your products or services, AND the value (how big, how fast, how exciting).

Let’s take a look at how those two approaches might compare. We’ll start with a doctor who just happens to be at a networking event and is standing right next to his ideal client, but, as of yet, neither of them know that they need the other.

So one of them starts off by asking, “What do you do?”

The typical answer might be “I am a doctor”. Remember what I said above? That is about the doctor rather than what the possible patient would really want to know.

This person standing next to him just happens to be his IDEAL patient. This person just happens to be someone who has been told that he has less than 3 months to live. He has pancreatic cancer and has already seen just about every doctor he could possible get to and they all have said that he has 3 months or less to live.

But this doctor happens to specialize in pancreatic cancer, and actually has the answer this person needs. But when he starts out with “I am a doctor”, that being “about him” rather than about what results he delivers, this ideal patient, who has already seen 100’s of “just doctors” almost runs to hide. He doesn’t need to see another just plain old doctor.

Imagine, how many times have you talked about yourself, what you do, what your products are, what your services are, what you do instead of the results you could deliver, and how much value, how big, how fast.

What would happen if the doctor answered the question, “What do you do?” by simply explaining the results first.

“What do you do?”

“I work with pancreatic cancer patients who have been told they have 3 months or less to live. About 80% of my patients walk our CURED in less than 3 months.”

Let me ask you. If you were this prospective patient, wouldn’t you almost immediately be down on your hands and knees begging this doctor to help you?

In fact, can’t you imagine that the measurable response to this doctor’s marketing message is nearly 100%. And not only will they all want to talk further, they will almost BEG him to help them.

That’s the response rate, and the kind of response we want every time we send out our marketing. And the ONLY thing done differently here was that there was no mention that this is “a doctor”, or that he has 20 years of experience, or even has any type of degree. The ONLY thing he did say was telling what kind of result he gives, and how valuable.

Yet, I challenge you to look around you at every piece of marketing that comes through your door and it will be “about them”, and possibly “about their service” rather than results and value.

Now imagine, the example I used would just about have 100% response, and the customer BEGGING you to help them. But I’m talking about 10% or more. Just think!

How many people response to every one of your marketing pieces now? And if you could actually jump to 10%, how many times more clients and dollars would you be making?

And have you ever had any customers BEGGING you to help them?

If you’d like to discuss your business results, increase them many times, give me a call, 816916-6141.

Alan Boyer
Helping small business owners to reach another  $100K to $1M within months

¬†Author of Upcoming Book: “Secrets to $100K Additional Business Quickly and Easily”

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