Target Marketing — The Secret to Easily Getting Clients

Do you know how to find your ideal client, your target market? I’m talking about one that

  • Has the money
  • Will easily reach into his pocket
  • is used to hiring people like you. We don’t have to teach him.

How to find them?

Let me share with you that target marketing will change your business. For instance, when I meet with a $100K business, most of them will say, “Wow, I wish I could afford you.” And most won’t hire me.

But if I meet with a $500K business, my close rate is about 35-40%. When I meet a $1M and up business, my close ratio is around 75%.

So, guess where I spend most of my time and target my marketing to?

I’ve discovered that the more successful a business, that they’ve actually already been looking for someone to help them. Wouldn’t you rather meet a prospect that had already been looking for you?

I definitely would.

Target your marketing and don’t waste time.

Alan Boyer
Helping business owners reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.


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