The One Thing That’ll Make Your Business Grow The Fastest — Your Marketing Message

Your marketing message,

  • what you say,
  • how you say it,
  • who you say it to, and
  • how many times you say it

will have the greatest impact on your client acquisition rate, and your bottom line dollars . . . more than anything you could do anywhere else.

Read How to Sell in the Worst Times to develop a really powerful marketing message.
But here’s the next most important thing as you spread that marketing message around:

Don’t listen to your friends, relatives, and business associates when it comes to them commenting on whether they like your marketing message or not. Listen to your market first. We’ve all been improperly trained. We see or hear 3,000 marketing messages daily, on radio, TV, billboard, mail, internet . . . and 99% of them don’t work.

So most business owners have been trained to believe that their marketing message should look like those. NOT!!!!

99% of them don’t work for those sending them, so why would you expect yours to work when it looks like that. And when you have your friends, relatives, and business associates critique your message you’ll be getting that same incorrect marketing advice. They are not market experts.

So what do you do about that.

Marketing is NEVER about you, your products, services, credentials, degrees, certifications . . . the ONLY thing that matters is . . . the RESULTS that your prospects want. So start there.

  • They want to know if you have a specific solution that provides a specific result to their specific problem.
  • They want to know how valuable that result would be to them.

Those are the only two things that count, not you, any of your business processes, your certification, or degrees. If you want to sell like wildfire lay a specific measurable result that this person wants in front of him and he’ll be jumping into your shopping cart. But tell him about you and any of those things about you and he’ll be wondering . . . how does that apply to getting the results I want?

The more value you lay on the table the more people that will be jumping into your shopping cart, and the faster they will jump.

Now, here’s one more twist to your marketing message.

The bigger, the better, the more valuable that marketing message the more attention you will get, both positive attention and negative attention. So, use care when you are measuring your own success figures.

I’ve discovered that the more attention I get, the more people that are jumping into my shopping cart . . . AND the more people who are complaining about that message.


Yes, I did say that right. It’s simple. The more ATTENTION you get . . . the more people who’ll respond to your message, some positive, and some negative. If you see more people jumping into your shopping cart you are doing it right, so don’t let those who are complaining scare you off.

Here’s an example. When working with one of my larger clients, they went from just 1 client a month to 1,500 (yes, that’s right, 1,500). So you’d think they’d think they were doing it right wouldn’t you? But they also got calls that complained “your new website just doesn’t look professional.”

So, my client wanted to go back to their old website  that they thought looked more professional. For one year they got over 1,500 new clients a month, $80,000 a day in additional sales. But at the end of the year, they told me they had hired a major New York City marketing firm to redo everything. The result was that that month they had instantly dropped back to only 5 clients.

They were shocked. They couldn’t understand how a “more professional” look (matter of opinion) could make that happen.

What had happened was that they told the marketing company what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to and the marketing company delivered what they were told . . . it was the wrong marketing message, it was about them, and not about the customer.

So, if you’d like to develop a really powerful marketing message, one that could have your prospects lining up outside of your door, down the block, and around the corner, email me, and let’s talk. The first hour is free, and you’ll discover what makes clients line up outside of your door.

Alan Boyer
$100K Small Business Coach
Helping small business owners reach another $100K to $250K within months, and to stop playing at building a business.

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