Do You Know How Many Are Looking for You EVERY MONTH?

Do you know how many are actually actively looking for you every month?

And have you asked yourself, “What percentage of those SHOULD be actually calling you?’Whenever I start working with a new client I always ask them how many people are looking for them, and what percentage of those are they getting? And how many SHOULD they be getting.

Most new clients are totally shocked to find out how many are looking. After all they’ve been struggling to get clients, so their logical thought is that there are many out there. But they are WRONG!

Several years ago I was in a BNI group with Jennifer, a Mary Kay lady. She was getting about 1 to 2 new clients a month, and out of about 8 years as a Mary Kay lady she hadn’t achieved that coveted “director” position, nor got her Mary Kay car.

I took at look at Google’s stats on how many people were looking for a Mary Kay lady, or for cosmetics, lipstick, etc in Kansas City. There were over 1,000 a month.

My rule of thumb is that IF we are doing our marketing properly, and get our marketing message in front of those who are looking, then getting about 10% should be achievable. Well, that would have been about 100 a month. She didn’t believe me at first, but I helped her get started.

Within 2 weeks she had about 75 calls. Over the next year I hear that she achieved her goals, and one was the car.

Another shocker is that I like to share with churches which is “How many new faces do you have walk into the door every week?” The answer is usually zero, or pretty low. So I show them there are 45,000 people a month looking for a church in the Kansas City area, and if we should start working toward getting 10%, “Oh, Gee, that would be 4,500 a month”. Actually more than most churches would want, so that makes it pretty easy to get a steady flow of 5 to 10 people, but because the church hadn’t focused on “marketing” they hadn’t gotten many.

If you start out by looking up on Google Keyword Planner, it will tell you how many people are actually actively looking for what you do, and then ask yourself what 10% of those would mean to you monthly?


Alan Boyer

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